Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twilight Induced Insanity

I was msg-ing this very corny friend of mine,H,earlier.He once wrote this..melody for me?

H : Heard that Twilight got romantic piano playing vampire right?
Me : Ya...the lullaby he play for Bella is called Bella's lullaby..
H : That sounds nice....*changes subject*
Me : Melody D Kenn would have been just as romantic if u didn't send it thru msn..
H : -_-
Me : OR..if u were a handsome vampire.

WAHAHAHAHA.Im having vampire fever!!!!

But..the Edward Cullen damn ugly lah.As if the nose is crooked lidat.I prefer Emmett,or even JACOB OMG.

Alice is damn awesome!



Saturday, November 29, 2008


If you thought i'm dramatic,you obviously haven't met my cousin's father's brother's wife.

And by cousin'sfather'sbrother'swife',i mean my mother.


Back from Penang on Wed,and immediately tuition about 15 mins later.Die or not??Crazy tuition rampage season..and why?

Bloody SPM.Sob.


p/s:I know u all miss me x)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Watch Out For Me!

Penang,Here i cumome!

Friday, November 21, 2008


My life is so boring now..because i chosen to ground myself,maybe?


No idea..

Maybe i should just post nothing.Until i have something to post about,rather than continuously crap randomly with random things using random words that randomly pop up in my head...?

OH.I met like,the ultimate bimbo.She talks like,like this...:

'Oh like hi.Like.Like,uh,like,totally hi.Like you know like yesterday?I like,like went out and like,totally like bought like totally rockin',they were like on frickin' sale or something.'

SERIOUSLY.Man,some girls try too hard.

This is the same kinda girl that shows cleavage in every bloody picture(even though they've got no boobs whatsoever).This one girl i knew which is the EPITOME of this kinda girl,has cleavage in EVERY picture on friendster.

Then me and my friend stumble onto one while browsing thru her photos @ Thumbnail size and saw one picture and laughed as we said to each other,

'Finally one picture without cleavage!'

That picture was a picture of her.....back.We clicked on it,and upon closer inspection,my friend bellowed,



This is also the kinda girl that wears really colourful bras in really transparent tops and wears a silicone bra underneath her push-up bra and finishes the outfit with heels and really,really,really short shorts to a mamak store,wedding,breakfast,lunch,beach,etc etc.

And she wears even LESS,trading her shorts for skirt(easier access ma) when she goes clubbing.

And then whines and whines on and on on her blog about how great the whole night was,how unhappy she was cause she got molested,and how great the whole night was.

She'd borrow other people's mugs of beer and take pictures with them.And bribe all the guys to stand really close and take pictures with her with flashes of/and vagina and boobs.

To her,all other girls are jealous bitches.

Also,she desperately wants a gay best friend because she wants to complain about getting molested to a guy who won't want to molest her.

The gay best friend has to be smart,rich,sporty,tall and lengchai enough to pretend to be her boyfriend so she always has a backup plan.

SORRY.Did i digress THAT much?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Urm,just so clarify something..the last post isn't about you.Isn't completely for you anyway.The song's nice and emo and i can just relate.

And just so you know(and im sure you do!) i can relate to many many things(or people!) in life!So yeaHhhh!


I am blogging nonsense and nuts and sacks and nonsense!Thank god i've got TUITION after TUITION tomorrow.Till around 4 in the afternoon then i can go DotA myself senseless.

Dota dota dota...why am i addicted to it?

Maybe cause it makes me feel so much better.It takes my mind off all the crappy things and i enjoy it too.

The weird thing is,i don't think my addiction stems from the fact that DotA is a whole lot of fun.I think it's the entire package and all that crap la.I mean like,i know i enjoy it,but i don't enjoy it that much.

I just love it so much because it's so comforting and familiar.I feel completely at ease trying to deny and last hit and buy stufff and chain lightning and triple kill! :D

So maybe it's a lil' bit of fun + comfort and familiarity + numbing of sorrow that makes DotA so addictive.

Numb.Not exactly the best feeling,but obviously better than depressed,right?

Speaking of,i'm not depressed.You just caught me off guard,at a very bad time too.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Like A Fool I Keep Losing My Place

Theres a danger with loving somebody too much
And its sad when you know its your heart you can't trust
Theres a reason why people don't stay who they are
Baby sometimes love just ain't enough

I will survive.Duh.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

For My Own Good

Sometimes i like to pretend that i don't know you read this blog.And that sometime is now =)

But subconsciously i know that you're reading anyway,so screw it..i'll just waste more time trying hard not to sound like an idiot and blah..

So bare with me as i speak from my heart(as cliche as this sounds)..

I wished you never told me you once felt something.
Yet i wish you did.
I don't know la..
So confusing..

I wish i would just HATE YOU,
Or maybe you would just hate me..
Anything to make either one of us completely ineligible..
Cause it'll make things so simply easy..

I wish you would do the selfless thing
And just walkaway
Leave me with nothing
For my own good,okay?

Would things be different
If i admit i was willing to change?
If i let go of the meaningless
Would you still say the same?

If i had found that one star
That'll never stop shining
Or if it's not that far
The world that'll be my meaning

Do you think i would need those temporary highs
If that one real thing was mine?
Do you think i'd still shout so i won't cry
When i've found that place to hide?

If i had that fire
Do you think my desire
Would still be the meaningless?
Or would something else come first..

I don't understand why
God plays with me like this
Whenever you say Hi
My heart goes bombastic

How does your smile
Makes me smile too
When those pimples and scars
Are all over you??

The way that your butt
Jiggle when you move
Through your black work pants
So adorable,how?
I don't understand.

You stupiak accent
Is supposed to be annoying
But it brings the opposite reason
And makes you more endearing

I am just too weak
I can't let you go
I cannot just move on
I need you to do so

All that's necessary
Cause i can't find your flaws
Or maybe i've found them
But i just love them all?

That's why it's up to you
To save me from yourself
Free me from your bonds
So i can fall for somebody else

Somebody else who can fall for me too...
I beg you to help me say goodbye..
to you

You cut me deeper than you think.
You cut me deeper than i think.
You're not just one of the many..
Just so you know..
You're one and only.(Not the one and only tho)

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I never judge someone who's been labeled a slut.And recently,i've been labeled a slut.Which is ironic,considering i've been single this whole fucking year and have sex like once every two months!

But strangely enough,i don't care.Slut mai slut lor.It's not like i have AIDS or anything.Why do i even give a shit what you guys think of me as?

REAL friends don't fucking care.(Which is why imma post my picture up here liaw la!)

You know how everyone seems to hate sluts,and keep bitching about them but somehow whenever you talk to them they're always such nice people?

What do ya' mean you don't?I don't care,now you do!Bloody hell.

I don't need to clarify anything because i know the life im leading now would clearly be looked upon as slutty.But darling ar,im not the one cheating on my boyfriend's fat backside :-O!!

And P/S,you're ass is fucking fat too!

Desperate does not equal SLUT!!!!!!!


Found My Banana!

Well duh,i went clubbing again yesterday.It was AWESOME-r than AWESOME.

You know how some people use cigarettes and alcohol and all that to help them get through life?To give their lives meaning?(I know it sounds really stewpit and shallow la...)

I think i've found my very own!!My very own...i dunno how to call it,so let's just refer to it as my Banana.Well,it's not a calling,not exactly a reason for living,no way it's my destiny,so what else can i call it?


I've found my B a N a N a! Hurray!

It's just so nice you know,to get out of a life of DIU-tions and crazy parents who AREN'T CRAZY at all but actually EXTREMELY APPROPRIATE but just that I'M SUPER-FRIGGIN' UNAPPROPRIATE that's why to me their actions are kinda CRAZY.

You followin' me?

It's nice to not feel ugly for one night.To not be alone,to not feel unwanted.Because these people you meet,most of them won't see you long enough to know the real you,and even if they do judge you and choose to dislike you..

It won't hurt as bad then if they've known more of you and yet refuse to fall in love with you,while instead falling for everyone around you.

I always get off telling myself,'I told you so!' in the form of 'I knew it!'.

I gotta go now.I have tons of things to do..including trying hard to forget to remember you.

p/s:I made out with cute guy in toilet cubicle yesterday!Wooohooo!As empty as it may have felt,i was wanted.Even if the reason i was wanted for is just for a lil' tongue action.Gosh.I am such a sad lil' fella,huh?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lookin' Forward

Big Time Drama Ensued.But it'll all be alright,once more.Family stuff.Okay lah,it's not as drama as my cousin's family.I mean,my parents not divorced,not divorcing,dad not cheating,dad didn't die,dad didn't steal from brother,blah blah.

Oh,on the brightside,once school stopped my weight dropped back to 59kg. =D Never been lower this entire year!

Happy times,happy times.Imma study real hard and score for my SPM and go far far away to Trinity college away from you all.

Lalalalalalalallalalalalala happier,happier times!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Because Of You

The way this feels sucks.

But i will be fine, cause everything is always gonna be okay.

You fall for everyone around you..but me.This pain is not worth it.But yet i still allow myself to message you and talk to you everyday...i know that it will hurt later,but i can swallow such hurt.

I will not give in to the biggest temptation of seeing you ever again.The consequences are too much to bear.

Cause you don't know how i feel whenever you walkaway..

BUT I WILL BE FINE.Mark my words.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I Got Naughty,Naughty,Naughty


I was horny.Really horny,and i'm wayyy overdue for sex lah.And i haven't masturbated in ages.OH!And i was also sad.Do you know how much it sucks to feel both sad and horny at the same time??

It's a damn weird combination that feels even weirder!It was confusing too...i wanted to just mourn and emo(hey i still have my off days) but somehow random fantasies of hot guys gangba-UH...sexin' me just kept popping up.

Do you know how hard it is to feel sad when BIG THICK PENISES keep popping up in ur HEAD?

I feel damn stupid now.I could've been emo and sad and mourn by having countless hot sex. =\

However..i knew that if i did had actually sex,i would regret it once it was over.And if i masturbated and got it over with,i'd be fine...for about 15 minutes.

So it forced me to get a little creative.I raided the fridges (got two in ma' house ma!) and took out a CUCUMBER.And yea,this is your cue to WTF!! .

But then,it was too big,so i took a carrot instead.What to do?

Well...let's just say i knew what to do :p AND OF COURSE I USED LUBE!!!(I borrowed my parents' :p)

Bloody helll...don't judge me!!!It was a small carrot!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This Is Why Im Single

Just back from clubbing.Had a great time!

Of course,usual standards of good time while clubbing means Not Being Alone.Which is why i said Great Time instead,cause i really did had a Great Time!

Of course,it includes me meeting cute guy,cute guy meeting me,i crush on cute guy while pretending the cute guy isn't crushing on me(but he really is!) and then exchange numbers so i can charm him with my wit and dazzle him with my personality while i'm sober! :D

Of course,normally the cute guy would also be dumb,therefore making him the dumb cute guy.Which is kinda sad and wasted,because he is dumb and is highly incapable of intellectual exchange and conversations.

I DO have my dumb moments,lots of them,but i need my smart ass time too.

IF the cute guy isn't dumb,then he'd be missing his bloody ex or something.And his bloody ex would also be SO FREAKING CUTE.And when i say SO FREAKING CUTE,i mean the cute i can't possible match up or even compete with.

IF the cute guy isn't dumb,OR missing his bloody unbelievably adorable ex boyfriend,he would be the type of smart ass who wants a dumb ass for a bf.As in,not dumbass like me,but dumbass like every message,msn conversation,email would begin with 'What u doin o?' and end with 'Hehex..muacks'.

Words cannot describe how much that sucks.And no lah,i havent check what type of guy this guy is.He is 24,cute,hot bod,and cute.Doesn't seem too stupid...but then again,i haven't gone any deeper than his lips.Oops.

Digressing from my digression,i had a rockin' time :)

Night night.Imma go sleep now.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sorry Girls I Suck Dick

I have this good friend of mine that i'll refer to as J.She had a really rough day,and was emoing.One of the issues she was emoing over was the fact that she wasn't pretty and thought of herself as ugly.

She's such a nice person,really.The best ever.But i admittably am part of the more popular crowd at school,and most of my chick friends are the hottest girls in our form.(But not all of us are shallow and superficial okay!)And around our friends,she feels out of place.

This one assholeturnedniceguy B comforted her.I didn't know what he said,but i know she told her to stop lying to her and that she knows she's ugly.

I went up to her and told her,'You are not pretty,but you are beautiful.'

'You're just saying that.It's so typical..'

'Well.You are.And i think that you deserve to be drop dead gorgeous more than anybody else..'

And the conversation ended with a smile,and the usual chorus of,'Why are you not straight?'

'More like why you got boobs wan??'

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Intro

I would refer to myself as K2.I've been thru many shits in life.Maybe not as much as many other people,but it's alot to me.

I've just gotten out of a hellhole.And i never regret going thru pain,or hurt.Because i always learn from it.

The last shit that i went through allowed me to realize that life is full of hurt,but i will always bounce right back and be alright.

This blog,is a new blog,a revival,from my dead blog,and it will be full of hope.And even when more shits torrent down on me,i will be fine.Because i know,i am not alone.