Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Over Over Over Over Over It.

I love reading your blog.It never fails to touch me.It's always so deep,so emotional..and it's in chinese..something i can never hope to accomplish.

But i prefered you when you were unhappy and lonely and unattached.Bugger.

I used to cry when i read your blog.I still do,but for different reasons.I used to cry with you,and now i cry cause of you.Or something to that extent,whatever.Lol.

Sure sure,i smile at you,wish you the best and all...but i can't help but feel so $_*&$_#_ deep down inside.I don't want to feel this way,i want to feel genuinely happy for you and him.

It's almost gonna be two years soon.And i still feel cheated.I still feel like it's so unfair.I wish you would leave to Australia or whatever to pursue and study law,and go tell ur boyfriend on the 2nd day that you won't go because you have him here.

I want to see his reaction.What will he do?

I made stupid excuses to break with you so you would go.So maybe you might find someone else,someone better out there - but it's okay,at least i didn't stood in the way of your education.

BUT NO,three bloody months after breaking up with you,YOU'RE STILL AROUND.


Maybe that's why i never really got over you?

I always thought if it wasnt for that,we'd still be happily attached,until i found out about all the deceit and lies from various sources lah.Then it all turned shitty,and i feel even more cheated.

BAH.BLoody first loves.

First cut memang the deepest lah wtf.

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