Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Never Be The Same Again

The same questions run around in my head,nothing i can do will stop them from running in circles,over and over again.

I might not be that afraid to get hurt now,but im not going to start something that isn't 100% from the very start.

You have obsessed over him for such a long time,and you loved him like crazy due to really stupid reasons lor.And you accept everything with that person.

The person clubs too,just like i do but u can't accept it that i club..why is that?

And why aren't you crazy over me too?

It's so sad and so far away.You've always said that im a good catch,and i never really believed you because i thought that if i was so good why wouldnt you want me.

And now you that you might want me,i believe you.Because maybe i'm a good catch..but what if that's all i am?

What if the only reason you ever want me is because i'm a good catch?

If not..why don't you go crazy over like like you did over him,accepted me the way i was like the way he still is?

And it might just be me thinking too much,and the only thing you can ever imagine doing with me is still sex.

I can tell you're moving away,slowly but surely.I make excuses up for you for myself,that you're busy with work and all that.But i don't know la....

Maybe i should just give it up.

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